See this? It’s in the Yella hallway. Not the weird ladder or the ponderous artist, who happens to be Harland Miller, but a print of ‘York’. The artwork formed a 2020 exhibition of Miller’s work – a Yorkshire-born artist who is renowned for his ‘Penguin Book Covers’, the ‘Pelican Bad Weather Paintings’ series, and his plays with typography. The ‘Penguin Book Covers’ was inspired by a box of books that the artist found near Notre Dame, while in Paris – who doesn’t love a story like that? The York Gallery currently has his ‘Bi-‘ painting: an italic ‘b’ and a lower-case ‘i’ that described, sounds a little ‘so what?’ but in reality, is all zest in its fresh colour and oversized format. But why this piece in particular for the Yella hallway? It’s nice to be reminded of where you’re at.

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Picture Credit Charlotte Graham

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