Trainers. You either love them or love them a little bit more, and chances are there’s space carved out somewhere in your home for your runners. Personally, I’ve got a soft spot for box-fresh daps, and if there’s a stripe of colour on the non-leather, so much the better to accessorise with.

But then there are those people who love trainers so much, they set up an online shop dedicated to runners for women, and manage said store on top of a full-time job. Rosie Lyness is one such trainer devotee. When you might be cosying up with a boxset after a 9-5, Rosie is logging on and carrying on, pushing forward with her slick trainer trip in the shape of Second Store.

You won’t find a physical ‘Second Store’ – Rosie is keeping everything online for now. But browse the store, and you’ll find great shots like the one included here, classic footwear and a feminist slant to the whole shebang that’s fresh.



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