Money dogs

There are few places more fun than a bank. Dentists, for instance. This bank, found in eternally-under-a leaden-sky Southampton, has decided to up that fun factor with these plastic dogs, placed in the bank’s reception area. The citrus colours of juicy orange and toxic lime brighten up what is otherwise a by-the-numbers bank interior. Yella likes the fact that they’ve been included – it distracts you from the fact you’re about to discuss your finances.

Southampton’s outlets should do more of this. There are a few that are trying to add an element of inspirational quirk (the Art Gallery Cafe, for instance, though stay away from the ‘vintage’ rail at the back, unless you like your vintage from Primark). There are developments ongoing in the centre of the town, where post-war quick-builds are being pulled down for a new ‘cultural quarter’. Hopefully, the other three quarters of the town will conduct a self-appraisal and sort themselves out.

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